She said it first...

  • Victoria: I have to tell you something... I think I'm falling in LOVE with you.
  • Kieron: Are you kidding? I'm completely in LOVE with you!
  • -Late 2008, some time after our first date

How we met

It’s a long story…

It was the middle of Summer 2008.  The very first time we met was a late Friday night out in Hollywood.  Coincidentally, we were hanging out at the same club in The Roosevelt Hotel though neither of us actually saw each other until later that night.

After closing time for all bars in Los Angeles, somehow we both wound up at Orson Welles’ old house in the Hollywood Hills.  The person that Kieron was with got into an argument with the person that Victoria was with — which left us in a perfectly awkward situation.  We waited patiently on the sidelines while our friends bickered.  We talked a bit but at this time there was no attraction, no spark and no real connection between us.  We each simply wanted to get out of there and go home.

Flash forward to the following Friday night.  We both found ourselves at the same club in The Roosevelt again — it should be noted that this night would be the second and last time that either of us hung out at this bar.  At some point in the evening, Kieron noticed Victoria from across the room.  Having met the previous week under slightly absurd circumstances, he approached her to say hello.  This time, there was definitely an attraction, a spark and a connection.  Kieron was bewitched by her graceful smile and big bright eyes.  Victoria was charmed by his kind persona and sense of humor.  We talked with each other all night until Victoria had to leave.  She gave Kieron her telephone number before her departure and Kieron gave her a promise to call soon.

On August 9th 2008, Victoria and Kieron went out on their first date and they have been inseparable ever since.

The night he proposed…

Kieron’s story:

I had already known that I wanted to ask Victoria to marry me on New Year’s Eve.  I promised myself that no matter what we were doing on this night, I was going to get down on one knee.  We’ve been in love with each other for over three years and I wanted to start out the New Year with Victoria wearing my ring.

As it turned out, we spent New Year’s Eve housesitting for Marisa and Jeff in West Hills.  We had nothing special planned to celebrate the end of 2011 and we had to look after Emma and Abby, the Golden Retrievers — plus our new puppy Dot.  So we ended up staying in with some food from Trader Joe’s, a bottle of champagne, Dick Clark on the TV and a few of our favorite canines hanging out on Jeff and Marisa’s couch.

As the ball was dropping (during the re-broadcast for Pacific Time), I got down on one knee in front of Victoria.  There happened to be a Golden Retriever passed out on the floor right below me who would not budge.  I was nervous and dizzy with excitement as I stammered my way through all the things I wanted to tell Victoria.  I told her I can’t live without her and that I would love to start out the New Year with my ring on her finger.

Victoria said yes and at the stroke of midnight, I slid the ring onto her finger.  Happy New Year indeed!